Month: November 2013


Message from First Responder on Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines

PHILIPINNES 12 November 2013 Ayal Lindeman is leading the Volunteer Ministers disaster response team in the Philippines. Shown here in Japan after the tsunami of 2011.Super typhoon Haiyan is the worst storm on record ever to have hit the central Philippines, leaving an estimated 10,000 dead, 500,000 evacuated and 10 million affected. US Veteran first […]



Applied Scholastics International is a secular nonprofit public benefit corporation that addresses head-on the problem of illiteracy by making broadly available L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries in the field of education and literacy. Mr. Hubbard recognized the deep effects on society of lowered education standards and literacy levels, observing that the illiterate or functionally illiterate, denied work […]


Disaster Response

Volunteer Ministers are a global force of people from all cultures and walks of life who are committed, courageous and trained to help others. In the worst of times and places—whether natural disasters or everyday crises—Volunteer Ministers are there with their skills, providing relief and succor to those in need. Who are the Scientology Volunteer […]


Increase Communication Skills

Do you want to improve your communication in your relationships? Do you want to improve communication in business situations? Do you find yourself not knowing what to say sometimes? Do you sometimes find it hard to begin a conversation? Do you get uncomfortable talking to certain types of people? Do you get shy talking to […]


What is the Mind?

The mind is basically a communication and control system between the person and his environment. It is composed of mental image pictures, which are recordings of past experiences. The individual uses his mind to pose and solve problems related to survival and to direct his efforts according to these solutions. What is the Reactive Mind? […]


What Can Dianetics Do For Me?

Dianetics technology can take you on the greatest adventure of your life, a voyage into your mind and the discovery of your true potentials. Dianetics can help you understand your mind, what it is composed of and how it works. You’ll discover how the reactive mind influences your life. By applying Dianetics technology you can […]