Day or Night we were there to help!


Flahes of Yellow! San Bruno is helped by Bay Area VMs.

Here we see a brief glimpse of David Ingram, Public Contact Specialist, Redwood City Mission staff. Also in the shot is Dave Heagney, Purif I/C, Redwood City Mission. Here you can see just a tiny amount of the donations pouring in from all around the area to help those in need.

David is an ex-firefighter and quickly rose to the challenge of VM I/C for the San Bruno Disaster. He has forged strong comm lines with the America Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Both organizations were blown away at the VM ability to get things done.

The Red Cross has called for a meeting with David and another representative from the VMs to see how our program can aid her in her efforts to be effective during crisis situations such as these.

The America Red Cross has stated that the Scientology VMs have been invaluble to their efforts and are greatly appreciated!

Here is a shot of outside the recreation center where the displaced were given shelter. Again you see a flash of Yellow.  A San Francisco Org VM!

Day or Night we were there to help!Source of Video =

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