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The mind is basically a communication and control system between the thetan—the spiritual being that is the person himself—and his environment. It is composed of mental image pictures which are recordings of past experiences. The individual uses his mind to pose and solve problems related to survival and to direct his efforts according to these solutions. The […]



L. Ron Hubbard began his studies of the mind and spirit in 1923, resulting in a manuscript entitled “Excalibur” in 1938. It was in this unpublished work that the word Scientology first appeared to describe what Mr. Hubbard termed “the study of knowing how to know.” He decided against publishing the book for the fact, “‘Excalibur’ did not contain […]


The Way to Happiness public service announcements produced by the Church of Scientology, one PSA for each of the 21 precepts of the book, reach millions on a global scale.

The videos capture the essence of each precept, dramatically illustrating them so they can be understood by anyone. By raising awareness of why these precepts are essential to happiness and a better life, the PSAs help to shift attitudes and change viewpoints. Although specifically created for an audience spanning preteen to early 20s, the PSAs […]



“Ideas and not battles mark the forward progress of Mankind. Individuals and not masses form the culture of the race. On a lesser scale, actors and other artists work continually to give tomorrow a new form. Hollywood makes a picture which strikes the public fancy and tomorrow we have girls made up like a star, […]


Seminars + Counseling = Total Life Improvement

We are a non-profit organization serving the Bay Area for over 20 years now. We have found that the perfect solution to stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and depression is a series of life improvement seminars and classes plus counseling for your specific personal issues. The combination of high quality seminars, classes, and counseling will lift you […]


How to reach your goals in life (Class)

Do you have grand dreams and high goals? 

 Do you want to live an extraordinary life? 

 Do you want to be all you can be? 

 Come to this class. 

We are a non-profit, life-improvement organization. Our goal is to help people become richer in thought and life. Our classes are the result […]